Virtualmind® 2022

The key of our success? teamwork

Everything we do is based on the effort and the synergy of everyone pulling together towards the same goals. We get along, we work along, we succeed as a team.

What's so cool about partnering with us?

  • We care about quality, for that reason we have been ISO certified for the last 8 years
  • We settle our contracts in US currency, with insurance coverage
  • We enjoy what we do, our culture and work environment. In 2020 we made it official by being certified as a Great Place To Work®
  • Apertura magazine recognized us as one of the 50 Best Employers of Argentina in 2020 (Less than 200 employees category)
  • We have 15 years of experience in the business, and we are proud of what we do.

all the people, so many people

Our recruitment processes ensures the incorporation of solid, experienced and creative professionals.

Javier Minsky
Javier Minsky


Fernando Judzon
Fer Judzon


At Virtualmind® we strive to create the best environment for each of our teams, looking always to incorporate new talents and start new adventures. Working with us, you'll feel at home.

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